The Khatchadorians Edit

Bear isn’t really friendly with Georgia and Rafe. Rafe describes Bear as “the low point of my day.” While he was out with Georgia and Rafe at Dave And Buster’s, he finds a waitress and seems attracted to her. Bear tells the waitress that he is out with his “friend’s kids” and decides to order some desert after he clearly told them that they would not be receiving desert. Bear mocks Rafe and describes him as one messed up kid, and after being expelled from Hills Village Middle School, Bear calls Rafe the loser he always knew he was. Bear acts friendly and caring for Georgia and Rafe while Jules is around. Jules finally realizes that Bear is a complete jerk after he pushed her off the stairs during an argument. Bear was arrested soon after the incident.


  • His real name is Carl
  • He has a dog named Ditka.
  • He drinks Zoom, a high-energy drink.
  • His birthday is June 8th.