Jules Khatchadorian



Hair Color


Jules Khatchadorian is Rafe Khatchadorian's mother. She is kind and helpful, and she paints from time to time. She works at Swifty's Diner and her paintings are sold there.

Appearance Edit

Jules has blonde hair usually down, unlike her (adopted) daughter Georgia. She has fair skin, and is seen wearing a Swifty's Diner apron, due to drawings in Rafe's book that have her wearing hardly anything else.

Trivia Edit

  • She has two sons, Leo and Rafe
  • She named Rafe after Rafael Sanzino of Urbino
  • She named Leo after Leonardo de Vinci
  • She 'named' Georgia after Georgia O' Keefe
  • As explained by Rafe, Carl used to be a customer in the Diner two years ago before Jules was engaged.
  • She used to work double shifts because of Carl
  • The reason Leo says 'Normal is Boring' is because of Jules.