Leonardo Khatchadorian



Hair Color





March 27, 1997


October 23, 2000 (aged 3)


Leonardo was Rafe Khatchadorian's twin brother, but died at the age of three, he still supposedly gives advice to Rafe as Rafe's imaginary friend.

He was said to have lighter hair than Rafe, and was slightly chubby. When he was three years old, he had fallen ill with meningitis, which had ultimately lead to his death.

In the movie, Leo's father, Luca Khatchadorian, is said to have left the family after Leo's passing. Jules, hints to Rafe that his father may have committed suicide, because he was not able to cope with the loss of his beloved son.

In the book, Rafe imagines what his twin brother would have looked like, acted like, etc. He takes his ideas, and puts them into the shape of an imaginary friend, known as just Leo the Silent in the book. He is shown to be an artist, and does not talk so much.

Jules wanted Rafe to outgrow Leo, and forbade him to communicate with him, but Rafe still went against the rules.

It is shown in the book that he tempts Rafe into pulling down the fire alarm at Hills Village Middle School on the first day suing the assembly. He later pressures Rafe to do Operation R.A.F.E, giving him many challenges along the way. He is shown to be not the best influence on Rafe, but Rafe still talks to him.

He is also called Leo the Silent by Rafe.