Matty the Freak (his real name being Matthew Theodore Fleckman) is Rafe's best friend in Middle School: Get Me Out Of Here! The two's friendship eventually ended when Rafe was caught stealing silver pens from a store at an art museum during a school field trip. The pens were inside Matty’s bag, in which Rafe was carrying. After Mrs. Ling orders Rafe to reveal who the owner of the bag really is, Rafe confirms that the bag belongs to Matty. Matty doesn't care what anyone thinks about him, and he is extremely sneaky. He helps Rafe get revenge on Zeke McDonald by throwing water balloons at him and his best friend, Kenny.


  • He made up his nickname. It matches his actual initials, which are MTF.
  • He goes to Cathedral School Of The Arts.
  • He dresses weirdly according to Rafe, but in Middle School: Get Me Out Of Here, Matty is shown to be the ideal Cathedral student.
  • He owns pens that he had successfully stolen from the store in the past.
  • He has long, blond hair.
  • he has three younger brothers.