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Spotlight on "Middle Scol" 1~9

You People Don't Know What Hit You

Plot Edit

This is just like the TV show!... or is it =O ???

Planned (as of 1959~1983 & 1985~2019)

Season 1 - 2021

Harold Has XI turns 21 and gains freedom. Not that he didn't obtain it... he escaped shortly before his birthday. Then he finds out that he got admitted to this magical (well, not that magical but it's so awesome!) school! He starts Year 1 (or 1st year?). He gets more popular and stuff. Meanwhile, Luca busts his grave into a zillion pieces and stuff. Luca becomes the first zombie in Treehouse of Horror III !

Season 2 - 2022

Harold Has XI starts Year 2 in the magical university. Year 2 is way more dangerous than Year 1 because this year is to be believed to be a height year of Treehouse of Horror III. Truckloads of people - young and old - get killed and become ghosts, skeletons, or even worse, zombies! It is estimated that about 5000 zombies then roam the world.

Season 3 - 2023

Harold Has XI starts Year 3 in the magical university. At this point, about 80% of the population of the world are now zombies. It is said that this might be a zombie apocolypse. The remaining humans team up together to help and save themselves. Many people suicide by jumping off cliffs or giving themselves the killing curse (Avada Kedavra) - it hurts the least! What a season!