-Missy (While looking at Georgia)

Missy Trillin is a main enemy/bully of Georgia. She is known for being the daughter of the richest family in town.


Missy Trillin with Fabio

Missy appears to be a seventh grader in “My Brother is a Big Fat Liar”. She is a beautiful girl with long black hair. Her hairstyles are: Normal hairstyle: Black hair is straight, wearing tiara/crown. Hairstyle 2: Same hair, drifted on a shoulder. The ends of her hair are crimped and curled. Battle of the Bands hairstyle: Tiara with bangs, curved, with tweak of hair, Hair in a mini beehive style,curled hair.

Missy's regular outfit is a pink gown with puffy sleeves, a necklace, a wide pink skirt with layers, earrings and a tiara. On the day Georgia tried to fit in, Missy wore a gown with off the shoulder sleeves with a big jewel with a pink plain skirt along with earrings. On the battle of the bands, she wears her same outfit and gloves. Her skirt is later torn off by Georgia. This is the reason why Missy never bullied Georgia again.

Her family history is unknown. Her mum invented Mac N Cheesyohs. She has two friends named Brittany and Bethany. Her tiara looks like a pretzel, because of the loops that resemble a heart with curved edges.