Rafe Khatchadorian is a boy who is in middle school. He is known for Operation: Rules Aren't For Everyone(Made by Leo), in which he attempted to break every single rule in Hills Village Middle School, Operation: Get A Life, in which he was supposed to do things he has never done before but only has Three life. Rafe has one sister, Georgia, a twin brother called Leo but he died from Meningitis but act like he still there, his mother, Jules, his biological father, a veterans/father named Luca, and a stepfather named Carl (aka Bear) and A bully named Miller (aka Miller the killer chicken).

The Worst Years of my lifeEdit

Rafe hates his bully and some staff/teacher and like his crush Jeanne Galleta

when his twin brother Leo Khatchadorian died of Meningitis he cried.

he talks to Leo and pretends he's still alive.

he breaks all rules at hills village middle school and get expelled.